5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Mariam Naeem
5 min readOct 27, 2021
Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

We all experience those days where the rain just pours down and going outside just doesn’t seem to be an option because you know the minute you go out you’ll have to turn right back around and head inside. There’s so much beauty peace to be had from a rainy day. There are many different things you could do to keep yourself occupied. The first thing is very obvious:

1: Go For A Walk In The Rain

Well, why not? Have you ever walked outside and smelled the fresh damp earth when you’re getting beaten down by a strong downpour of rain? Have you ever just picked up a warm coat and umbrella, put on your toughest shoes and just gone out to enjoy the strange peace the rain brings? It’s amazing! Going for a walk in the rain is so much more than tempting a cold to come and get you. It’s about being out in the wilds of the world and experiencing first-hand the sensations of a storm.

Always dress for it. Wellies, if you can. Umbrella or a hood is a must. Even if you fancy going for a run in the rain, make sure you have yourself in a position or near a place where you can get dry quickly. But, for pity’s sake, do not miss out on a rainy day walk!

Photo by June Admiraal on Unsplash

2: Curl Up Indoors With A Book

It’s the weather that dreams are made of. Where imagination has a chance to fight and win. If I’m not out enjoying the storm, I’ll be indoors, having been worn out from the craziness outdoors, finding myself curling up either on my bed with a hot chocolate or in a comfortable chair or bean-bag with a good book in my hands. It bring its own kind of peace, it’s own therapy.

I’ll be honest, you’ll be hard-pressed to find me WITHOUT a book in my hands on any given day, but reading a book on a rainy day has an entirely different vibe. I think most of you happy readers know what I’m talking about. And you introverts, well, this is perfection for us all isn’t it! An ideal world where we can witness communication in a form where we do not have to partake.