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Everybody has that one thing they’re good at writing. Some love and have an amazing talent for writing articles, or blog posts, even reviews. Some, like myself, love fiction. Not just any fiction. Horror and also fantasy fiction. But can a short story written on Medium get much notice?

All I seem to see on Medium are countless articles or blog posts and people seem to enjoy having these little rants about things. Bonuses for example. I remember they were a thing for a very short while on Medium. Ah the memories.

But a good piece of fiction, no matter…

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So everybody tends to have mixed reviews about how writing on Medium for a month worked out for them. Some report no results, some report massively overwhelming changes. Some talk about the massive amount of money they’ve made within the month.

I’m talking today about the changes I’ve witnessed in the last month for me. I’ve discovered writing every day is not a hard task at all, the hard part is finding something to write about every day without failure. I realised I can’t exactly continue on in the same train of thought all the time and have tried to…

The Troubles of Tinnitus

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I always walk about with my headphones in my ears. I need music and a consistent beat in my ears nowadays, I can’t do without it. Music has become a life-saver and a constant need for a good beat in my ears adds rhythm to my life and saves me from a certain chronic issue.

The reason for having to wear earphones/headphones constantly is that I have mild tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be described as a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. Other ways the sound can be described are hissing, screeching, whooshing, pulsing and buzzing.

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This year has been pretty heavy all around but something that made me breathe a big sigh of relief and also shocked me to the core was to learn that an ex partner of mine was in jail for stalking his latest girlfriend. He had been given a sentence of two and a half years.

I was in a relationship with him for just under three years. This isn’t easy for me to talk about, mainly because I’ve always feared to speak about this. I’m glad his girlfriend, now his ex, was brave enough to go to the police. …

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A lot of people tend to have difficulty expressing themselves and the thought of opening up to a complete stranger can be daunting and expensive. Some people get referred so it would be free, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Talking is hard. How are we to express ourselves to someone when we can barely say it out loud to ourselves?

People like to make the joke that ‘men don’t go to therapy, they go to the gym’. It’s true of people who refuse to go to therapy. Myself included. It’s understandable.

Another one is ‘hide your feelings in…

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This is a difficult moment to describe. I feel like I can’t feel. Recently, I’ve not noticed much in the way of sadness or happiness. I can express it by saying it, but my body doesn’t seem to react much any more.

Call it desensitization to feeling or empathy. I think it’s going.

They say if you go through enough trauma in your life it eventually leads to your loss of empathy. It’s almost troublesome to realise that I don’t feel the way normal people feel. Yes, I have gone through things in my life that a woman should never…

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We’ve all had it haven’t we? Us writers? Somebody out there who loved going out of their way to tell they didn’t enjoy our work and why. There will always be somebody who doesn’t take a fancy to our work, or someone who refuses outright to read it, just by assuming things about your work by the title or blurb.

Take my aunt for example. I recently published a short story in an anthology. The theme for the anthology was “Love and Relationships”. Now, I know my aunt very well. I know that she is more of a crime thriller…

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Some people see me in the gym five times per week and think I’m crazy. I think I’m doing the most to live the best life possible.

Some people see me refuse sweets and bad foods and stick with vegetables and think, there’s something wrong with her. Yes there is, I don’t want to be unhealthy.

I used to have a terrible diet and with that came constant migraines, lifeless hair and skin, chronic fatigue and no zest for life or for doing anything. I went by day-to-day as a zombie, awake but not really alive.

When I got to…

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In a day and age where modern technology seems to rule all, the humble paperback or hardback book seems to be getting pushed aside for E-readers, reading online and also on other digital devices.

I’m grateful to say my love for the book has never faded. So much so that I’ve found myself becoming a bit of a hoarder. I’ve found myself becoming the victim of having too many books and too little space for them all and am having to face the tough decision on whether or not I give any up.

I’ve thought long and hard and you…

Mariam Naeem

Long-term overthinker, short-term procrastinator

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