So Far…

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Why Did I Start?

This has been a question I’ve been asking myself every day. I’m trying to make the time to be able to write on Medium but so far what I have posted and published on Medium hasn’t yielded many positive or profitable responses. Maybe I could do better work with SEO or I could sit and write a daily piece but genuinely, some people don’t have the time.

I started because I saw something in this site. I saw the freedom for a person to be able to write what they wanted to discuss or were passionate about, whether…

My 411

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People always say that writing daily is the key way to building up traffic on your site and also getting more experience.

Is it? Or is it just about posting at the right times, using the most efficient key words and posting at regular intervals?

What’s My Deal?

So personally, I’ve been struggling to fit in the time to write. A busy schedule based around a 9–5, the gym, errands, trying to write, trying to build a side hustle and trying to sleep and it feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to be able to accomplish this…

A Poem

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So onto inspiration, how do you find it?

Do you need to wait for that spark to be lit?

Or does it just find you and give you words that fit?

Tell me, do you find yourself struggling?

How long does it take, to get your brain working?

Do you find yourself getting inspired reading books?

Or is it people’s attitudes and daily looks?

It could be the tiniest things in life,

Something simple, like a smell, or complicated like a moment of strife.

Just imagine the things we get inspiration from,

A leak in the roof, a…

A Poem

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Where is your favourite place to get some writing done?

Are you a sit-in-the-corner kind of person, out the way, all alone?

Or do you prefer the bustle of coffee shops, being around everyone?

Do you like being organised, sitting at a desk?

Or do you find calm in your organised mess?

Do you write with pen and paper or use a laptop?

Is it neat? Is it tidy? Is your work all stacked up?

Are you inspired all the time and find it easy to write?

Or is your struggle full of discipline where you try to…

A Poem

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How do you read?

Are you quick or slow?

Do you cherish the details or skim the purple prose?

Why did you start? Do you enjoy it so?

To pass the time, to learn, to grow.

These are some reasons, I suppose.

Do you read in bed or sit in a corner?

Do you forget all the details or are you a fast learner?

Do you need to escape, to hide and then seek?

Or are you the one who can’t resist taking a peek?

At enchanting fantasies, magical worlds and seekers of fortunes?

Do you read to…

My Top 5

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Hello and welcome! Before getting right down to it, we should really talk about what writing is, and then I will give you five reasons why I love to write.

Writing, as described by dear old Google, ‘is the process of using symbols (letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces) to communicate thoughts and ideas in a readable form. It can also refer to a career’, such as that of author or freelancer.

There are many different reasons why people write, and not everyone does it as a career or profession. …

An absolute favourite article of mine! This is a below-the-belt blow to all those notepad aficionados out there but it's so full of humor and totally relatable!

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He screamed and screamed every night. Praying to be heard, hoping to be seen. He felt as though he was trapped in an endless dream.

He walked and walked, but he walked towards nothing. He wished for direction, to head towards something.

Without purpose, what was he? Without meaning, what could he be?

A journey without end, a soul with no way to mend.

A heart that had lost heart, no happiness in his art.

The death of his soul, meant no way to become whole.

So without purpose, without a goal.

Meandering through on his own, feeling lost and…

My rambling thoughts…

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It’s the thoughts swimming around your head at around 1000 miles an hour, the ones that refuse to stop and let you see them, that give you the biggest anxiety. I always assumed it was the worries I could envisage right in front of me, those obvious ones where it looked like that all that could go wrong, held me back.

I never stopped to consider slowing down my mind long enough to read what lay beyond the worries; those confident thoughts that told me I could do anything I wanted, be the person I wanted, have…

A Dark Short Story

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It was in the shadows that Lilith was happiest. Lilith found the darkness to be her friend. At seven years of age, the shadows were more comforting and friendly to her than the sunshine and people around her. Her own family were aware that she was different. She wasn’t like her siblings, David and Rose.

Her features were dark, while theirs were fair. Her personality was quiet and shy, while they were bright and bubbly. While they would happily play outdoors with the other children, Lilith preferred her own company in the back garden or in…

Mariam Naeem

I just want to write and forget the world exists…

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