How To Remove An Ingrown Hair

Mariam Naeem
4 min readOct 8, 2021
Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash

Well, I thought I’d post something a little useful today instead of fiction. I do occasionally like switching it up and writing something that would benefit the reader. Let’s be honest, this is an issue many of us face when shaving, waxing etc.

An ingrown hair is actually a hair that curls back on itself and starts growing back into the follicle, or a hair that fails to grow out of it and stays embedded in the skin. Ingrown hairs can affect the face, neck, legs, or any other part of the body where hair grows. They are usually just minor irritations, but can be painful or unsightly. Moreover, if they are left untreated, ingrown hairs can become infected. Unfortunately, while ingrown hair is more common with people having curly hair, almost everyone will get one at some point. If you shave regularly, you may have to deal with them quite frequently.

There are a couple of methods to removing an ingrown hair:

Exfoliating Method

Exfoliate the area. Twice a day, scrub the ingrown hair gently. This will help remove any dead skin cells, dirt and oils that might be trapping the ingrown hair. It may also physically nudge the tip of the hair out of your skin. Try to hit the ingrown hair from a variety of directions. Use an exfoliating glove if you have one, or try exfoliating your legs with salt.