Mariam Naeem
Oct 27, 2021
Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash

The storm rages on and on…

Like feelings exploding from my mind.

All the things that I had thought,

That I had left behind.

As the rain pours outside my window,

I look at it and wish,

That I could destroy the words that wrought,

This destruction upon the dish.

Like a meal gone sour,

A wish turned bad,

Every word I used,

Made me feel more mad.

I forgot about the faith in myself,

The hope I would hold,

A moment of crazy,

It left me too bold.

Trying to find the way,

The doorway, the secret,

To unlocking the calm,

Getting me out of the deep rut,

So that I may write,

And write til I free,

This imagination of mine, that’s locked inside me…