Put Yourself In The Habit Of Loving Yourself

Give Yourself To You

Mariam Naeem


Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash

Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

While we’re all focusing on finding someone to give our love to, we’re leaving out the person who will always be there for you. Yourself.

Throughout my life, I’ve had endless love in my life and love that found its end. Whether through losing love, a person or even a moment where I thought I’d have it, I’d lost it. But I had it. I always had it. The one thing I never had was love for myself. Finding someone to love in your life is beautiful, I’ll admit. But I realised you can’t open yourself fully for anyone or anything if you can’t hold any back for yourself.

This Valentine’s Day I’m alone. I do have a boyfriend. But he’ll be working. So, my Valentine’s Day will be for me. I’ll do the things I love for myself. I’ve never had a date planned by me for me. I think it would be nice to see how much love I have for myself.

There will always be moments in your life where you feel you don’t deserve to love yourself, where you hold back on caring about yourself because you’re too focused on giving it to everyone else in your life. A deep breath. A moment to think. And before you blink, you’ll learn. Learn that having faith in yourself and loving yourself is just as important as loving other people.

I keep using that word. Love. It’s important. It builds in you a foundation, keeping you strong and moving forward. Sometimes it gets shattered in life, and that’s okay. You see, humans are built for love. No matter how often it gets lost, we always find a way to look for it, we always have hope that we will have love. So that shouldn’t make it hard to love yourself, right?

A moment alone, with our thoughts, is more than enough to leave us feeling alone and hopeless though. Because we self-sabotage while still holding hope. We destroy ourselves before we can even try to build ourselves. How often do you say to yourself “I’m proud of you”, “I’ve got this” or “I can do this”? Not very often, right? But yet, all that self-sabotage and we still hope. We still love, still want to be loved.

There was a storm once, so strong that no normal person in their right would go out in it. Endless sheets of rain. Crazy winds. I remember I…